Dallas ISD coach accused of improper relationship with student

A Dallas ISD high school teacher has been accused of an improper relationship with a student.

Troy French, 37, allegedly had several sexual encounters with an 18-year old student at Sunset High School in Oak Cliff.

French is the girls wrestling coach and social studies teacher at Sunset High.

French told FOX 4 in a jailhouse interview that he knew dating students was against the rules, so he waited until after the 18-year-old graduated in June to begin a relationship.

However, according to a DISD police investigator, the former student told police their sexual relationship started Dec. 14.

“I never saw her as one of my students because she was never one of my students,” said French.  

French said the two became friends at school and feelings developed. After graduation, the two moved in together because French said the former student was having family issues.

DISD police said even though the relationship was consensual, it's illegal because it was between an educator and student.

“I didn't know,” said French. “I had no idea there was any kind of statement that said once she graduated, we cannot have any kind of relationship.”

Police say they received a complaint after the two were spotted together in public after graduation.

“If you're looking for bad stuff, you're going to find bad stuff, and I think that's pretty much what’s happened here, is that they went back and said, ‘They talk a lot,’” said French. “Well, we might have talked a lot, but that's just still talk.”

French said he was worried about what people would think about their relationship next year, so he resigned his teaching position on June 12. District officials couldn’t confirm the resignation.

“Do you have any proof this relationship didn't start until after she graduated?” FOX 4 asked French.  

“Just her word and my word,” said French.