Dallas Fire-Rescue promotes first person of Indian descent to captain

Dallas Fire-Rescue promoted a new group of prevention officers and investigators. Among them is a department first.

Thursday was 18 years in the making for Julie Kumar as she made an unexpected career path encouraged by her father.

Kumar, an arson investigator, is making history within Dallas Fire-Rescue. She’s the first person of Indian decent promoted to captain.

“It used to look one way,” she said. “And it’s nice to have different ethnic backgrounds in various different positions.”

Kumar’s father, Jacob George, was the first Indian hired by DFR in 1987. He witnessed Julie and her younger sister, Jamie George, get promoted.

“I encouraged them because I was with the city of Dallas Fire Department for 27 years,” Jacob said.

Kumar is also a wife and mother to two young girls.

“I'm happy for my two daughters because I want them to know nothing is impossible,” she said. “Whatever their hearts desire is to do when they grow up, I don't want them to feel like they have any limitations.”

Kumar says she never imagined she’d make a career with the fire department, but she hopes she’ll inspire others to step outside their comfort zone and do something great.

“You never know what you can accomplish,” she said. “And you never know what's out there if you don't try different things. So I think I'm a true testament to that.”