Dallas family had relative on EgyptAir flight that crashed in sea

A Dallas family is waiting anxiously for answers about the EgyptAir crash as a loved one flying to his wedding was on the plane.

Searchers spotted human remains, luggage and seats in the Mediterranean Sea on Friday. There is still no clear evidence of whether the crash was an accident or terrorism and no credible claims of responsibility. The black boxes have not been recovered from Flight 804.

One man believed to be on the Flight 804 has loved ones in North Texas coping with the uncertainty. They fear the worst for their loved one, Faris Isah.

“We don’t want to say we lost him because we still have hope he's out there,” said Angelina Kouri, Isah’s niece.

Isah, a migrant from Sudan, was living in France - but had close connections to his family in North Texas.

“He was in Paris but he still called each and every one of us every day just to make sure that we are okay,” Kouri said.

It’s a time of grief when it was supposed to be a time of celebration in Isah's life.

“He was supposed to be getting married this weekend,” Kouri said.

His fiance and family were waiting at the airport in Cairo.

“They're actually preparing for the wedding and now they might have to do the funeral instead of his wedding,” Kouri said.

Answers may not come quickly. The search area is a 40 mile radius in waters 8 to 10,000 feet deep and it could be three days before a ship with specialized sonar reaches the crash zone.