Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says people should sign up on multiple COVID-19 vaccination lists

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is urging people to sign up through multiple hubs to increase their chances of getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jenkins said, legally, people can register with as many vaccination locations as they are willing to drive to, and it could make a big difference when it comes to your place in line.

That's because different counties are prioritizing people differently.

For example, Dallas County is prioritizing people who are in certain zip codes where the spread of the virus is greatest, followed by those with the highest risk conditions.

But other counties don't prioritize people by zip code or condition, and they give out appointments to people who are over 65, or have an underlying health condition, on a first come, first served basis.

At the current pace of vaccinations, Jenkins said health officials warned it would take until Summer 2022 to fully vaccinate the state.

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But in hopes of speeding that trajectory up, Dallas County has requested federal government assistance with setting up a mass vaccination site.

"Our request is a federally run mass vaccination megasite, to vaccinate 12,000 per day, to serve 7.7 million residents, in addition to current vaccines," Jenkins said. "Until FEMA or the White House announces it, it’s not a done deal. Hopefully it can add that force multiplier."

Dallas County has vaccinated 28,000 people in the 14 days of being open at Fair Park.

To eliminate people who don't have legitimate appointments, the county will now be sending people a QR code that will be scanned when they arrive for their shot.

The county is also hiring Chime Solutions to help people who don't have internet access register by phone.