Dallas city councilman's attorney: Crash with scooter never happened

The attorney for the Dallas city councilman under investigation for an alleged crash with a scooter is giving a different version of Wednesday’s events.

Councilman Kevin Felder's attorney claims there was no crash, so he couldn't have left the scene of an accident.

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DPD investigators examined the councilman's car, the prominent dent and damage to it and the scooter at the tow yard on Thursday. Felder’s car was towed there during a city council meeting Wednesday afternoon. Felder's attorney said his client is innocent.

Felder left Wednesday night's council meeting without saying a word. He covered his face with a file folder as he rode away in fellow councilman Philip Kingston's Porsche.

On Thursday, Felder’s attorney did the talking and said the alleged crash on 2500 Malcolm X Boulevard never even happened.

“There was no accident. No collision. There was nothing that caused contact from Councilman Felder's car to the gentleman on the scooter,” said Pete Schulte, Felder’s lawyer. “I think some of the witnesses may have perceived or assumed those facts, but that's not what took place. We are looking forward to having an opportunity to talk with the detective to explain that.”

Schulte says what did happen was an exchange of words.

“There was an altercation. The gentleman on the scooter, zigzagging across Malcolm X and causing traffic to slow down,” Schulte said. “I think Councilman Felder rolled down his window and said, ‘Can you get on the left side of the road?’ It prompted the young man to yell profanities at Councilman Felder. At one point, he got back into the road. The 18-year-old doing the zigzagging again, so Councilman Felder pulled over. And the next thing you know, the 18-year-old throws the scooter down and starts screaming at Councilman Felder. I think that's when the witness started observing.”

Valerie Ballard was the witness. She believes she saw the aftermath of a crash, based on where the scooter was. She said it was partially underneath the car and in front of the wheel and that the teen was bleeding.

“I said, ‘Are you ok? What happened?’ He said, ‘He hit me,’” Ballard recalled from her conversation with the 18-year-old. “The only thing he could remember him saying is, ‘Do you know who I am?’"

Ballard, who had recognized the city councilman, called police.

“It was bleeding,” she said. “They did send the paramedics out, and they bandaged him up.”

Felder's Ford Fusion is now impounded after police towed it from the council meeting Wednesday night. Police also impounded the Lime scooter the teenager was riding.

FOX 4 asked Dallas police for the offense report and any 911 calls. A representative with the city intervened and said that we would need to file an open records request.

Felder’s attorney says the visible damage in the front end of his car was from a collision that took place back in the summertime. Schulte says he doesn't remember the details Felder gave about that collision.

“I don't remember,” Schulte said. “I think someone opened up a door in front of him hit it in a parking lot.”

Mayor Mike Rawlings is confident investigators will get to the truth.

“Anything like this is regrettable, but I know councilman Felder will be treated very fairly through this process,” Rawlings said. “And I also think that Chief Hall will not treat councilman Felder any differently than any citizen in this city.”

Police say the teen on the scooter reported having minor injuries.

Ballard says she talked with the young man's father. He said his son is at home resting. He's still upset about the incident and wants to be left alone.

Failing to render aid is a potential felony. However, police have not yet filed any charges and Felder has not yet given a statement to investigators.