Dallas Church Celebrates One year of Marriage Equality with Special Sunday service

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FILE- The rainbow flag symbolizes gay pride. (AP)

Members of a Dallas church celebrated marriage equality Sunday to mark the one year anniversary since the Supreme Court Ruling.

In the last year, the reverend at the Cathedral of Hope has performed a hundred same sex marriages and estimates there have been about 300 performed in Dallas alone.

He and others in the LGBT community say the momentum from the marriage equality ruling should help spread love, not hate.

"Any kind of racism, sexism, homophobia, heterophobia, transphobia, any of the issues that continue to be allowed to be spoken as hate speech in this country will be brought to an end,” said Reverend Neil Cazares-Thomas.

At the Sunday’s service, speakers included the mother of a transgender nine year old boy who spoke about transgender rights.

Cece Cox of the Resource Center in Dallas talked about laws that do not support the LGBT community, like not having state or federal protection from being fired from a job for being gay or transgender.

Mark Pharris was a Texas marriage plaintiff. He and his husband got married shortly after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.

Pharris says most Texans have shown him and his husband support.

“Those Texas politicians who are opposed to same-sex marriage and opposed to equality for LGBT Texans really don't know true Texans. They don't know the hearts of Texans like we've come to know,” said Pharris.