Family of cyclist killed by hit-and-run driver in Dallas hoping driver is caught

The family of Billy Watley is hoping for answers as police work to find the person who fled after hitting him while he was riding his bicycle Sunday morning.

Dallas police said the vehicle involved in this case has been located, and though a person of interest has been identified, they aren’t releasing their name to the public.

Meanwhile, the 45-year-old victim’s his daughters want justice.

"He was such a soft man when it came to his girls. He loved us so very dearly," Jordana Watley said.

Watley was the ultimate girl dad with four daughters and one granddaughter on the way.

"Me, at 26 years old, the last time I hugged him, it never changed, and I’m going to miss that about him," Jordana added. 

His oldest daughter is barely able to watch the video that shows her father’s final moments. 

"He didn’t have anyone, and you left him," Jordana said.

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Dallas police released surveillance video of Watley riding his bike on Kleberg Road at 7 a.m. Sunday, when a white SUV hit him. 

Police said Watley was thrown into the grass and didn’t survive. 

The video shows the white SUV’s brake lights as it pulls over.

The driver got out, but seconds later, left without helping. 

The family said police told them Tuesday that they located the suspect vehicle.

Police confirmed the development, but would not say where, when, or how they found it.

They did say a person of interest has been identified, but no arrest has been made.

"It’s unnecessary. We are supposed to be human beings," Jordana said. "Going one place and doing things, living our lives. You could’ve stopped and called 911 rather than of running."

Wednesday a sign sat on Kleberg Rd. urging drivers to slow down. 

"It’s like a racetrack," said Tammy McGill, who lives on Kleberg

McGill said she would always greet Watley with a wave before work.

"I’d kind of be looking for him in the morning, and he’s not here and he did nothing wrong," she said.

Now Watley’s daughters are leaning on each other, hoping the driver is caught. 

"It’s hard," Jordana said. "I want my family at peace. It’s not fair, it isn’t."

Neighbors said there is a petition circulating in that area for speed bumps.

They said speeding and crashes are an ongoing problem.