Crowds line former First Lady's funeral procession route to pay respects

A funeral procession for former First Lady Barbara bush was lined with people Saturday.

American flags and salutes were seen along the hour-long rout from Houston to College Station, where the Mrs. Bush will be buried at her husband’s presidential library.

Bert McCormick planted 65 American flags along Highway 6, off 290 near Houston. It's the route the hearse carrying former First Lady Barbara Bush would take to her burial at the George H. W. Bush Library.

“We got as close to the road as we could get. We got on the curve where they would have to go slower. I think we got a good spot," said McCormick.

Gary Van Sant's eyes welled up as he swelled with pride, thinking about the Bush family seeing the red, white and blue flying on a difficult day.

"They're a good family and they've honored our country and they've honored our state. Really proud," said Sant. "I just hope that they feel the love that we feel for them."

Loy Temple got choked up talking about the late Mrs. Bush with his great grandson. "She was just so sweet. She was sweet to everybody."

Many expressed feelings of sadness, but mostly a profound sense of pride to be able to count Barbara Bush one of our own, as both a Texan and an American.

"I'm telling you, classy. Beautiful, beautiful lady. I've always had so much respect for her. There will be none other like her,” said Sant.

At the request of the former first lady, about 700 members of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets lined Barbara Bush drive as the Bush family and funeral motorcade reached the presidential library.