Cowtown Marathon ready for rain during Saturday races

The wet weather will be gone for Sunday's Cowtown Marathon, but the rain could change plans for Saturday's events.

The big race is on Sunday, but the 5k and 10k runners race Saturday morning when there could be severe storms.

"The races will run rain or shine but if we have thunderstorms, lightning we'll do delayed starts and we can notify runner with email or social media platforms like face book and Twitter,” said Heidi Swartz, Cowtown Marathon Executive Director.

Fort Worth police commander Michael Shedd was in the crowd of people picking up their registrations on Friday. He'll run on both days -- in the 10k and half marathon.

"I've run in the rain on many occasions. Helps keep you cooler and can generally run faster, we’ll see how that goes,” Shedd said.

Carol Feyen is also running on Saturday and Sunday. If the weather gets bad, a late start won't slow her down.

"They will notify us as soon as they know have an app we can put on our phones they can use to notify people,” Feyen said.

Race organizers says as long as weather conditions don't pose a danger the races will go on. These runners have trained too hard to give up any traction to wet streets.

"We can wear rain coats, it gets done either way still be fun either way rain or shine,” said runner Chelsea Mardock.