Court docs: Crowley teen murder suspect may have been abused

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The capital murder trial of a Crowley teenager accused of murdering his parents more than a year ago is scheduled to begin in three weeks.

Newly-obtained court documents paint a picture of an emotionally and physically abused son who apparently was in the process of trying to clean up the crime scene when he was caught.

Both the search warrant and witness statements suggest Carl Edward Brewer was angry at his parents, specifically his father. His attorney says the trial may reveal not just what happened but why it happened.

Attorney Jack Strickland says the capital murder case against 18-year-old Carl Edward Brewer is far from normal and may focus less on guilt and more on motive. He’s accused of murdering his adoptive parents in their Crowley home back in November 2016.

"There've been people that have — friends or people at school, whether neighbors or co-workers — that seem to have some insight into the family dynamics which were not ideal for this kid and his brothers,” Strickland said.

Police say it was a friend of Brewer's who called 911 after he and Brewer were smoking weed.

Caller: His name is Carl Brewer.

Dispatch: Ok, he's done what?

Caller: He told me he killed his parents.

Dispatch: He told you he killed his parents?

Caller: Yes.

After a brief standoff with police, Brewer was arrested. Court documents say he told police he accidentally shot his mother and then shot his father in the face.

A search warrant affidavit also suggests Brewer tried to clean up blood from inside the house and may have tried to use furniture dollies to move the bodies. But court documents also reveal witnesses who say he was harshly punished at times.

One of Brewer's teachers told investigators she used to walk by the house and saw Brewer standing in the front yard holding two buckets. Brewer's arms were shaking, and his dad told him don't drop the buckets.

"The opinions are that perhaps he was in a very bad home life situation. He was adopted,” the court documents said.

Another teacher said Brewer suffered physical abuse and emotional abuse by his parents. Another teacher told detectives the teen would have to sleep on the concrete floor in the garage when he got into trouble and that his parents would withhold food as a punishment.

Strickland says Brewer isn't denying what happened, rather that he regrets it.

“I've got to tell you he's very remorseful about this,” the attorney said. “He realizes what a poor choice he may have made for himself."

The Tarrant County District Attorney's Office and Strickland believe the trial will likely be delayed due to scheduling and forensic evidence that hasn't been completed yet.