Couple gets married on Southwest Airlines flight

A couple took love to new heights and got married at 37,000 feet.

According to a Southwest Airlines Facebook post, Pam and Jeremy Saldas planned to tie the knot in Las Vegas. They flew into Dallas from Oklahoma City already dressed for the ceremony.

They arrived at DFW Airport to take a connecting flight and learned it was canceled. They were going to miss their appointment at the wedding chapel.

That's when a fellow passenger who is an ordained minister offered to marry them.

The three of them drove to Dallas Love Field Airport to hop on a Southwest Airlines flight to Vegas.

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  (Southwest Airlines)

The captain saw them and joked they should just get married on the plane. Pam and Jeremy agreed.

The crew quickly decorated the cabin with toilet paper streamers and made snack mix sash for the minister. 

A flight attendant stood in as the maid of honor and the passengers passed around a notebook as a makeshift guest book after the happy couple said, "I do."

"Congrats to the newlyweds on a memorable inflight wedding neither our employees nor passengers are likely to forget! We can't wait to welcome you back onboard the love airline," Southwest Airlines said on its post.

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