Corinth HOA wants Back the Blue flag to come down

A homeowners association is forcing a North Texas man to take down a flag supporting law enforcement.

The HOA in Corinth says it received complaints about the flag. It wrote the homeowner a letter telling him that no "noxious or offensive" activity is permitted in the neighborhood.

Rodney Ivester says he’s offended that his HOA considers his flag offensive.

“It's showing our support for our men and women in blue,” he explained. “I just simply want to support police officers.”

Ivester put the flag up after the Dallas police ambush in July.

But a simple show of support could wind up costing Ivester if he doesn't take the flag down by next Thursday. The HOA said he would face fines.

Neighbors say it’s absurd.

“I don't get why someone would be offended by it,” said neighbor Richard Weir.

“I think that's ridiculous,” said neighbor Jen Uren. “They should back the blue and be there for our police officers."

Ivester says the association told him it received one anonymous complaint about the flag. The person was offended that the American flag is black and white. He asked if he could display another style of law enforcement flag.

“I have a black flag with a blue line. I said, can I fly that?” Ivester asked the HOA. “They said that would be exactly the same."

The HOA told FOX 4 in a statement that the community only allows protected flags such as the American, Texas, and military flags.

The association says it "has the utmost respect for our public safety officers,” but it goes on that the board has to follow the community's rules.

FOX 4 Reporter Lori Brown spotted quite a few "unprotected flags" flying in the community. She spotted a UK flag, a Sooner flag, and a back to school flag.

Ivester is disappointed that the flag to back the blue is the only one being ordered to come down.

The association says it responds to reports of violations, so the other unprotected flags are likely still up because no one has reported them.

Ivester said he plans to fight for his rights and keep his flag flying.