Cops: student called 911 claiming shots fired near Dallas school

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A student called 911 claiming he was being followed and shot at near a Dallas middle school on Friday, authorities said.

Police responded to the call about a reported active shooter near the Comstock Middle School campus just before 12 p.m. A heavy police presence was visible from SKY4.

But officials later said that their investigation showed that no shots were ever fired near the school. They also could not find a gun or any evidence of a gun being fired, like casings.

The student who claimed he was being shot at went to a school resource officer at the campus and told him he was being followed and shot at. At some point, the 18-year-old man the student was accusing also arrived at the school and the campus went into lockdown.

No students, staff or faculty were harmed.

Parents who showed up midday after hearing the reports were clearly on edge a little more than two weeks after the tragic school shooting in South Florida.

"We're tired of it. We don't understand it. We're tired of people running up on here on our kids. Stop it, just stop it,” said grandmother Nebra Johnson.

Even though the district had confirmed everyone was okay, the word about a possible shooting spread so quickly it took a toll on the community.

“I want to know where he's at, see him, make sure he is okay,” mother Ashley Johnson said. “He called me about an hour ago and said they were on lock down and he said this is going to be my last day, I'm going to die. He's autistic.”

DISD said it does not notify parents when a school goes on lock down. Most of the parents found out from their kids who texted them.

Police said the 18-year-old will likely receive a citation for trespassing.