Computer seized in slain dentist investigation

FOX 4 News obtained court documents with new details on the murder of a Dallas dentist at her luxury apartment building.

Dental assistant Crystal Cortes, 23, remains the only person arrested for Dr. Kendra Hatcher's death.

Former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney George Milner reviewed the public documents FOX 4 obtained in the capital murder of Hatcher. He does not represent anyone in the case.

Police believe Hatcher was ambushed, shot to death and robbed in the garage of her Uptown high-rise last week.

"I've never heard of it,” said Milner. “Um, you know if somebody commits a robbery and a murder beside a car belonging to a victim, you don't need a search warrant to go inside that car looking for evidence. I guess they're trying to be overly cautious.”

The warrant for Dr. Hatcher's apartment shows police were looking for everything from fingerprints to DNA to guns, bullets and cell phones, but the only thing listed as being taken from her apartment is documents.

The evidence recovered from Dr. Hatcher's car has not been disclosed.

The apartment of Hatcher’s boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was also searched.

"Just what's on these probable cause affidavits, what's been publicly released, I don't think there's sufficient evidence to arrest [the ex-girlfriend],” said Milner. “I'd say it's close."

The warrant on the ex-girlfriend’s apartment covers six sentences of items police were looking for: firearms, computers, electronic devices, bloody clothing and items belonging to Hatcher.

The only thing listed as being seized? A notebook computer.

"I cannot imagine that they conducted a search of this woman's apartment and took nothing but a computer,” said Milner.

Milner says he understands the worldwide media attention of the case because it's filled with speculation of a murder for hire, a twisted love triangle and beautiful women.

"The whole trifecta all rolled into one right here in beloved Dallas, Texas,” said Milner.