Procession held for 18-year-old victim of Fort Worth Comofest shooting

It's been a week since that deadly mass shooting in Fort Worth.

A balloon release was held Tuesday to celebrate the life of one of the youngest victims.

On an overcast day in Fort Worth, an ornate hearse solemnly transported the body of 18-year-old Paul Willis through the Como neighborhood.

The glass panels revealed the white coffin inside.

The procession drove past the spot where Willis and two others were shot and killed on July 3. Eight others were injured, including a child.

Andrew Sims Kirkland and pastor Parish Lowery arranged for the hearse and burial.

"It has been a tough enough situation the fact that tragedy has struck our community, and we wanted to make sure we did our part to give back to our community," Kirkland said.


Fort Worth Shooting: 3 dead, 8 injured in Como neighborhood, police say

Video from the gathering shows crowds of people running from gunshots in Fort Worth's Como neighborhood.

"We need healing, we need time, and we need each other," Lowery said. "There's no pain like a mother's pain to lose a child."

Willis, 22-year-old Cynthia Santos and 18-year-old Gabriella Navarrete were all killed on July 3 when police say at least two men opened fire into a crowd that had gathered for a large block party off Horne Street a few hours after Comofest ended.

Last Friday, investigators with the homicide and gang units took 19-year-old Brandon Williams and 20-year-old Christopher Redic Junior into custody. The police chief said more arrests are possible.

Before heading to the cemetery Tuesday, Willis' family and friends gathered at Lake Como to say goodbye. His grandfather and mother spoke to the crowd.


Fort Worth Como Shooting: What we know about the victims

All of the victims of the Como shooting have now been identified. Details are beginning to be released about them.

Kadesha Weatherly, Willis’ mother, made a simple request.

"When we release these balloons today, just remember to say the things you need to say to people," she said. "Because who knew my baby would be gone at 18."

Willis' mother also told the crowd that she doesn't want anyone seeking revenge for what happened to her son. She said Willis strived for excellence and would want others to do the same. She calls on the Como community to heal and seek out counseling if they need it.