Community mourns the untimely death of White Settlement firefighter

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Family and friends laid a White Settlement firefighter to rest, Saturday morning.

Trevor Gage was side swiped on his motorcycle by a pickup truck on June 25th. He died the next day at the hospital from severe brain trauma.

His funeral service at White Settlement Baptist Church was standing room only. Several overflow room were used to hold all the people who came to pay their respects.

“Never in my lifetime did I think I would have to go through this much heartache,” said Trevor’s wife, Brandi Gage.

The firefighter also leaves three children behind. During the service Brandi shared something many did not know. Her husband had been seeking treatment for Multiple Sclerosis.

“I try to believe God was sending a sign when he took Trevor from us. He was trying to take him out of his misery before he even started,” she said.

Police are still searching for the driver that hit Gage. Investigators believe it may have started as a road rage incident. They are looking for a black four-door Ford F-150. It may have damage to the truck bed on the passenger side

Gage’s brother, Kevin, also a firefighter, had a message for the Gage children, “No one will ever replace your daddy, but I promise you I'll be the best uncle you ever had.”

Trevor’s second family, his brothers in red at the White Settlement  Fire Department, attended the service as well. They saluted him outside the church and placed his casket on a fire truck, draped in black.

Friends say Gage found his third family on the open road. Fellow motorcycle riders added to the crowd at the church.

The community watched as the procession of fire trucks, police cars and motorcycles drove by, all for one reason; to honor and remember a man who lived on the edge, and always lent a hand, who bravely battled flames and served the people of White Settlement with pride.