Community members honor slain mother as The Colony police follow leads

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A North Texas mother shot and killed in a robbery at her family's convenience store is being remembered by dozens of friends and family.

31-year-old Samira Siwakoti was shot in the face Wednesday morning. As police investigate leads on her killer, dozens are honoring her memory in a candlelight vigil.

About 150 people, including many police officers, say the vigil shows The Colony is a united community even in the face of tragedy.

"It shows how this community can come together," according The Colony resident Alicia Mims.

"There's this unified outrage over this," Jeff Scoggin says. "We aren't going to stand for this."

The victim's husband, Nabaraj Siwakoti, tells Fox 4 he has no words. Siwakoti describes the days since his wife Samira's death like a never-ending nightmare.

"I don't know where to start, where my life is going," Nabaraj says.

Police continue to work at least 125 leads to catch Samira Siwakoti's murderer, generated from the Rapido convenience store's surveillance video.

The video shows the suspect set a bottle on the counter, and then pull a gun from his pocket.

Police say despite Siwakoti obeying his commands, the suspect still shot her in the face, killing her.

Surveillance from the business next door shows the gunman got dropped off in a dark colored car. Then nearly 2 minutes later, he runs out of the store after murdering the 31 year old mother of 2.

Businesses in the city are donating proceeds to support the victim's family. Community members say the attention towards this killer and his crime adds up. To help the family find closure.

Clinging to his 2-year-old daughter Bishnu, Siwakoti says he hopes his wife's killer is handed Justice.

"I still see her in them I can find her in my daughters," Siwakoti says. "One day they will catch him. God sees the truth. I have faith in God she will have Justice. When she has Justice then she will have rest."

Based off the surveillance video The Colony Police say they've received 125 tips so far, which has led to 50 people of interest. So far detectives have only spoken to a third of them.