Collin County District Attorney sexually harassed, retaliated against employees, lawsuit says

A group of current and former Collin County District Attorney's Office employees filed a lawsuit accusing District Attorney Greg Willis of sexual harassment.

The 75-page lawsuit alleges the well-known North Texas prosecutor and the county's first assistant district attorney Bill Wirskye created a toxic workplace.

Willis denies the allegations and calls them politically motivated.

Willis is running for reelection unopposed.

Greg Willis

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Among the plaintiffs in the lawsuit is chief investigator Kim Pickrell.

She alleges DA Willis made sexual advances toward her in multiple settings.

That includes allegations of moaning, staring, full-frontal body hugs and comments about her body,

The court documents say Willis allegedly told Pickrell he "couldn't help himself from getting excited because she looked to good."

In a statement Willis told FOX 4:

Another plaintiff, who called herself Jane Doe 1, claiming Willis invited her to his hotel room during a work trip.

She claims Willis told her, "I'm not sure where it could lead, but we could explore."

The plaintiffs claim they made complaints to human resources, but nothing was done.

They also allege assistant district attorney Wirskye retaliated against them by changing work assignments and complaining about their performance.

In a statement Wirskye told FOX 4:

Collin County judge Chris Hill and four commissioners were also named.

They're accused of knowing about the complaints and covering it up.

Nobody from the Commissioner's Court responded to our requests for comment.