Colleagues step up to help N. TX deputy injured in motorcycle crash

After only three months on the job, a Tarrant County Sheriff's deputy is finding out just how strong the brotherhood is.

Wednesday morning, Keith Foster was on a motorcycle near McCart Avenue and Altamesa Boulevard in Fort Worth when he says another driver moved into his lane, causing him to wreck.

Recovery will be a long process.

The problem is that Foster has not worked a full year with the county, and therefore can't qualify for family and medical leave or sick leave.

So his coworkers set up a GoFundMe page. Donations started immediately, and more than $3,000 have poured in already.

"For him to do something like that, that's just that selflessness that I'm referring to,” said Foster. “That brotherhood, it made me feel as a sense of a family that I work with.”

Foster’s wife’s one requirement before she let him ride the motorcycle was that he wear a helmet, and after what he's just been through, he's thankful she did.

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