Colin Kaepernick, Snoop Dogg donate $35K to Dallas' Mothers Against Police Brutality

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Snoop Dogg have donated $35,000 to Dallas’ Mothers Against Police Brutality.

The donation was announced Monday on social media, with Kaepernick giving $10,000 and Snoop Dogg giving $25,000. The money is part of the quarterback’s #10for10 donation effort, where he’s donating $100,000 in 10 days to various charities across the United States.

“THANK YOU to Mothers Against Police Brutality. They unite mothers who have lost their children to police violence. MAPB, thank you for everything you do!” Kaepernick tweeted.

“I love doing great work in the community,” Snoop Dogg said in a video message. “Kaepernick, keep up the great work. You got my money anytime.”

Mothers Against Police Brutality was founded by Collette Flanagan after her son, Clinton Allen, was shot dead by a Dallas officer in 2013. Authorities claimed her son was choking the officer and he was defending himself. The family said he was needlessly killed by police. The officer was cleared by a jury in a civil suit in 2017 and remains on the job.

Since its formation, the Dallas organization has gotten national and international audiences,

“We have been a force to reckon with. Nationally, we have been hitting the pavement hard,” said Sarah Mokuria with Mothers Against Police Brutality. “We've spoken before Congress. We've spoken before the United Nations. We've spoken to policymakers and elected officials across the country working to change policies in policing and district attorney offices.”

Kaepernick’s #10for10 campaign has earned pledges of $10,000 from Golden State Warriors players Steph Curry and Kevin Durrant as well as actor Jesse Williams.

Kaepernick garnered national attention when he kneeled during the national anthem before games during the 2016 season. He was released by the San Francisco 49ers after the season and wasn’t picked up by any other NFL team in 2017.

Mokuria says she hopes more people will take the time to hear their message now that Snoop supports them as well.