Clumsy car burglars target Fort Worth neighborhood

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Police are searching for a pair of clumsy car burglars that targeted a north Fort Worth neighborhood.

It wasn't a very successful Christmas overnight for two car burglars. Twice, they were caught on video — and, twice, they failed. Police want them caught before they try again.                     

Robin Cutsail says the two young men who broke into the unlocked car of her daughter's boyfriend are your average stupid criminals.

“They didn't take anything,” he said. “Everything they were gonna take was on the seat."

Surveillance video shows them both rummaging through the cars at her daughter's house on Thicket Bend Drive in North Fort Worth. But as they tried to be quiet, one of them leaned in the vehicle just a tad too far and honked the horn.

“And they ran fast,” Cutsail said. “Yup, it was pretty funny.”

What's not funny are the other vehicle burglaries the same neighborhood has had in recent months. Fort Worth police are investigating and want to know if the two may be connected to those cases.

Just minutes before it happened, Enrique Torres says the same two would-be burglars tried to break into his locked pickup truck a block away on Spotted Owl Drive, which was also caught on video.

“I seen them walking this way, and they're trying to open the truck,” Torres said. “It wasn't open, but they tried to put something in the door lock to get it open. But they couldn't open it, so they just walked away."

Torres says he's thankful his truck was locked but worries the teens will pick a house where the homeowner is awake if they’re not caught soon.

"Like I told the officer, better for them to catch ‘em,” he said. “Because if I catch ‘em doing it again, it's not gonna turn out nice.”

The video is also posted on several neighborhood social media pages, so police are confident someone will know who they are.