Christina Morris kidnapping trial set for November

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The man accused of kidnapping Christina Morris will have his day in court in late November.

A judge set Enrique Arochi's trial date for Nov. 30. It's expected to last about two weeks.

The judge also declined to impose a gag order, but warned both sides against jeopardizing the case by talking to the media.

Arochi was the last person to see Morris before she disappeared from a parking garage in Plano eight months ago.

Investigators found DNA evidence that suggests she was in his car. Prosecutors said they are waiting on more test results on hair and fibers collected from the car with a shop vac.

Morris' family is holding onto hope that she is still alive somewhere.

Jonni McEnroy, Morris's mother, said after Wednesday's hearing, "It's harder, the more the months go on it's harder. I just want her home. I want answers. I want closure. I not only want closure for our family but the Arochi family too."

Arochi's will also be tried in an unrelated sexual assault of a child case in January.

According to court documents, that case involves one of Arochi's former co-workers who was underage at the time of an alleged sexual relationship.