Chilling 911 call from murdered woman played during trial

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The trial for a man charged with the vicious murder of his ex-wife finally began Monday in Dallas.

Delvecchio Patrick pleaded not guilty to the strangulation death of Deanna Cook two and a half years ago.

She was allegedly on the phone with 911 when the murder happened.

The call was played in court. Jurors listened to screams, gurgling, dogs barking and the sounds of a violent struggle.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Cook asks. "Please, Red! I'm not doing nothing."

Cook repeatedly begs for her life and asks Patrick, who she called "Red," not to kill her.

A voice she identifies as Patrick says "I'm gonna kill you! I'm gonna kill you!"

Cook was silent and there were sounds of running water after that point.

When police got to the home some time later no one answered, so they left.

Cook's mother took the stand to describe finding her daughter's body several days later. The testimony was extremely emotional and even prompted a recess at one point.

Vicki Cook said she and another family member went to the house and found several of her dogs outside. They heard water coming out of the garage.

They called 911 to request a welfare check but were told check the local hospitals and jails first.

Cook's sister kicked in the door and was immediately hit with water and the smell of decay. Her mother described seeing the silhouette of her body behind the curtain shower.

Vicki Cook said her daughter met Patrick in 2008 and that they had a very rocky relationship. They argued often.

"He did it. He did it! He killed her," she screamed.

Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty, so if Patrick is convicted he will get life in prison.

His trial has already been rescheduled five times.

The case did lead to an overhaul of the Dallas 911 system.