2-year-old's severe rash shown in court as Corinth mom fights for toddler's return

A Corinth mother whose toddler was removed by CPS after she says she sought a second opinion will have to wait at least another week for a judge to rule if she will be reunited with her son.

Photos of 2-year-old Josiah Sanders' rash that first prompted his hospital visit were shown in court for the first time Wednesday.

We cannot show you photos of the boy's rash because cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, but the rash appeared to be very severe, covering the boy's body.

A judge continued the hearing until next Tuesday.

"It is disheartening it has been pushed back another week, you know, it's been over 75 days that I've been without my son," said Joslyn Sanders, Josiah's mother. "I look forward to sharing my testimony on Tuesday, and just bringing everything to the light, so that justice will be served, and I get returned back my son."

The judge did rule that Sanders' one-hour-long weekly visits with her son should be extended to three hours.

"I try to stay as strong for my son as possible. I try not to cry in front him, but it's a very emotional experience given that he does cry when I leave, and he screams for me when I leave. It is very heartbreaking and I feel helpless that I am not able to comfort him when I have to leave his side," Sanders said.

The ordeal began on December 20, when Sanders took Josiah to Children's Health Dallas for treatment of a severe rash.

CPS got involved when she left the hospital against medical advice.

At Wednesday's hearing, a Corinth police officer testified that Sanders did agree to take her son to another hospital, Children's Plano, but the CPS caseworker later said that was not an option.

He also testified that the caseworker failed to include information in her affidavit about a prescription for Josiah that would help the court decide if the child should be removed.

Wednesday's testimony also looked at the timeline of Sanders' visit to the Children's Health ER, which came by referral from a nurse with Shine Pediatrics, Josiah's primary care provider.

Sanders arrived later than expected and left against medical advice because, she explained, she was not comfortable with the antibiotic being prescribed.

Another nurse from Shine Pediatrics testified about Josiah's eating issues and that Sanders was seeking care for that from a specialist.

"Was she completely ignoring needs of her child?" Sanders' attorney asked.

"No. I don’t know her to be neglectful. When they come in, they are loving and caring and ask good questions," the nurse replied.

FOX 4 asked Sanders what she was doing to care for her son's nutritional needs and his rash.

"I was taking the advice of licensed professionals," she said.

Josiah is now in a foster home.

Sanders says she will take the stand Tuesday.

The judge could issue a ruling at the conclusion of the hearing.