Child dies in Dallas after being left in hot car

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A 2-year-old boy died after being left inside a hot SUV at a Dallas church on Sunday.

The child’s family was attending an afternoon bible study at Rehoboth Praise Assembly in the White Rock area of Dallas.

A fellow church member told FOX 4 that initially the boy’s mother and father were in separate groups. When they reunited about 45 minutes later they realized they only had four kids and their youngest child, Boi Lei Sang, was missing.

The father ran to the SUV and found the boy unresponsive. He only speaks a little English and had trouble communicating that he needed someone to call 911, the church member said.

The boy was pronounced dead on Sunday evening at a local hospital. The temperature outside Sunday reached 100 degrees.

A pastor, consoling the Burmese family that now has four children instead of five, invited FOX4 into the family's Dallas home on Monday.

It was difficult for reporters to communicate, but what did translate was the love and support from friends and family who are visiting them, a day after 2-year-old died in the family's SUV.

Child Protective Services is using a translator to talk to Sang's parents, to make sure their other four children, still in the parents' custody, are safe.

Sang was the 21st child nationwide to die in a hot car in 2016, according to That growing number has inspired Pantego Public Safety Chief Thomas Griffith to put up signs at local businesses, asking, "Where's Baby?"

"We just seem to run from one death to the next and nothing ever seems to change and I thought, 'Well, there's got to be some way that we can make a difference,'" Griffith said.