Carrollton Police: Man kills wife before killing himself

A man and his wife are dead after an apparent murder-suicide in a Carrollton neighborhood.

A SWAT team was called to a home on Creek Hollow Drive around 10:30 Thursday morning.

Police were trying to create distance between the public and a 43-year-old Roy Lee Brown was holed up inside his house since at least 10:30 a.m.

“It started with a phone call from this man's employer telling us we need to get over here,” explained Carrollton Police Spokesperson Jolene Devito. “At one point, we thought he was going to come out, and he didn't. And he changed his mind back and forth a lot, so he was obviously highly agitated.”

Later in the afternoon, police heard a shot and went into the home. They found Brown dead after he shot himself.

Brown’s wife, Areli, was found shot dead in the kitchen. Police believe she was killed that morning.

Police evacuated homes around the crime scene. Some of those homes had children who were alone and needed to be reunited with their parents.

Police say they had not had any prior calls to the home.