Carjacking suspect taken into custody, hospitalized after chase in Dallas

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A suspect was taken away in an ambulance after shots were fired during a chase that took place at a Dallas apartment complex and nearby neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

The incident happened after officers responded to a 911 call about a woman being held against her will at a hotel. When officers arrived at the hotel in the 9500 block of Forest Lane, the man jumped out of a hotel window and took off running. He was wearing body armor and had a gun.

During the chase, police said the man threatened to shoot himself several times. They chased him to apartments on Audelia Road and Forest Lane, near the LBJ Freeway. There he carjacked a woman and took off in her SUV.

SKY 4 was over the scene when the suspect smashed through a gate in the parking lot of the apartment complex and immediately crashed into a light pole. The suspect then abandoned the vehicle, jumped over a brick wall and ran into a nearby neighborhood.

Video from the helicopter shows the man get into an unlocked car but then get after he presumably because he couldn’t start it. Eventually, he went into a home through an open garage door.

According to neighbors, the homeowner was in the house at the time. He told them the suspect, who was now armed with a knife, came into the home through the garage door. The homeowner reportedly got a gun, pointed it at the intruder and told him to get out.

The suspect left the home and went back into the garage. Police said officers shot him after he ignored several verbal commands to put the knife down.

He was covered in blood and strapped to a stretcher when police pulled him out of the home's garage. He was taken to a hospital for surgery, although his exact condition is still unknown.

Police have only described the suspect as a 26-year-old white male. His name has not yet been released

More information is expected to be released on Thursday.