Car crashes into Hurst home causing massive gas explosion, multiple injuries

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Three people injured in Hurst Saturday afternoon after a driver crashed into their house and caused an explosion a few minutes later. The driver has been arrested.

Hurst Police say 40-year-old Arnulfo Castro lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the home, at West Redbud and Myrtle Drives in Hurst around 1 P.M. at the corner of Redbud and Myrtle. About seven minutes later, the house exploded. He was arrested and charged with traffic violations.

Police say Castro claims his brakes went out. The impact severed a gas line, which caused the explosion.

Gary Sutton caught the blast on his home surveillance camera.

"Shook the whole house, and then everyone, all our neighbors, ran outside," he said.

A Hurst city spokesperson says firefighters and police were already responding to the crash when the explosion happened, and saw it as they rolled up.

Three family members who were at the home are injured. The mother is critical, with burns on 40% of her body, her husband and son have less-severe injuries. A Hurst police officer was also treated for minor injuries he sustained while helping the family.

Veronica Santos was out for a run at the time and watched the entire incident play out.

"I don't know how to describe it. It was really almost traumatizing because I'd just seen this house explode. Feeling what I'm feeling, I've just never felt it before," she said.

The mother and father are being treated at Parkland Hospital, while their son is at Texas Health HEB.