Can’t find FOX 4 with your antenna? Here's what you can do

Viewers in some areas may continue to experience signal issues throughout the month.

We’re working on replacing the KDFW transmitter right now and that work is expected to last most of June.

While the work is being done, KDFW must use a backup transmitter which due to factors isn’t as powerful as the main transmitter (antenna height, etc.). The lower power shrinks our viewing area.

It’s a very complicated operation to replace a TV transmitter and the safety of the workers is our first priority. 

Due to that, some viewers will not be able to view KDFW and its sub-channels over the air until the work is complete.

Live FOX 4 newscasts are still available to watch for free on, as well as the FOX 4 News app available on Google Play and the App Store.

Viewers with a smart TV or streaming device can also watch live FOX 4 newscasts on the free Tubi app.