Burleson mayor's pro-same-sex marriage post draws mixed reactions

When the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage came down, Ken Shetter, the Mayor of Burleson, posted a congratulatory message to LGBT friends on Facebook.

Then, someone asked him to show a Bible verse that supported same-sex marriage.

The mayor did just that in a Facebook note that has now gone viral.

The story probably wouldn't have gotten very far, except for the fact that Burleson is a largely conservative city and the mayor is conservative and a Christian.

His chapter and verse was 1 Corinthians 8:13, which ends with "the greatest of these is love.”

"I'm not endorsing anything except love,” said Shetter.

Shetter had no idea that his comments would draw reaction from people as far away as Canada.

"From my perspective as mayor, I'm committed to upholding the Constitution and I'm fully committed to Burleson being a great place to live, learn, work and play for all, and all includes gay citizens,” he said.  

Reaction on Facebook was immediate. On Shetter's page, comments were mixed, from “Well written” and “That's wonderful” to “Sidestepping your morals doesn't cut it with me - I know who you are, you prepared for the backlash of your opinion?”

Those whom FOX 4 talked to in Burleson also had mixed feelings.

"I definitely agree with his comments, personally,” said Abigail King, a Burleson resident. "I think the backlash is a little bit harsh on him. It's his personal view, just like everybody else has a personal view.”

"You can't come off as the same,” said Burleson resident Isaiah Bassett. “If you're a Christian, you know what's right and wrong, and it says in the Bible it's wrong.”  

Shetter says he's not an expert on the Bible and knows not everyone agrees with him. And he's fine with that.

"I'm comfortable coexisting, worshipping alongside people who have views that are that different from me,” said Shetter.