Bold bandits pin Dallas woman inside car to steal purse

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Dallas police hope surveillance video will help them catch the bold bandits who stole a woman’s purse in broad daylight.

A business owner was robbed in broad daylight by two men who used the victim's car against her.

Connie Yuan's shop on Harry Hines Boulevard near Interstate 35E is all about beads and baubles. But on Monday, she found herself victim to a pair of bold bandits.

Yuan was leaving for the day and put her purse in the backseat of her Lexus SUV. Initially, she thought a neighboring shop owner who was outside had come over to chat.

“I looked back like this and I could see through the crack it wasn't who I thought it was,” she recalled. “So I opened my door and tried to get out."

A BMW had pulled very close to Yuan’s vehicle, pinning her driver’s door while a passenger wearing a hooded shirt or jacket hopped out, opened her rear door and stole her purse.

“The problem is the car doesn't raise any kind of suspiciousness,” she said. “Look at the car. It’s a BMW. You don't think a BMW is going to pull in and rob you."

Neighboring shop owners have helped with surveillance video. They told Yuan it's not the first time they've seen it happen.

“Even the cell phone guy gave me footage, too,” she said. “Last week, someone else got robbed.”

In the meantime as police investigate, Yuan wants to warn others.

"When someone does something like that to you when you’re in your car, your personal space, that's already on another level besides purse snatching to me,” she said. “What's to say that guy won't next time get in my car and tell me to drive."

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Dallas Police Department.