Blood drive held in North Texas to support El Paso mass shooting victims

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North Texans are still showing their support for El Paso three weeks after the deadly mass shooting at a Walmart.

On Saturday, a blood drive was held in Ennis, south of Dallas, to help recovering victims.

Hundreds of miles away from El Paso, people took action to help the recovering victims of this month's mass shooting.

"We really do love you and hope, have hope for you that you'll get through this," said Charles Keen, pastor at St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

The American Red Cross hosted a blood drive at a Walmart in Ennis on Saturday.

It's one of many drives that have taken place following the shooting that left 22 people dead and dozens of others injured.

Although it's been three weeks since the tragedy, the need is still there.

"How we can put that into action, it's not just words, but we want to put into action,” said Lee Roberts, program director for American Red Cross. “That's to donate, that's to answer the call for the Red Cross to come out and align ourselves with those brothers and sisters in El Paso because again, there's a long road ahead for their recoveries."

Knowing that, Danielle Sursa said she felt compelled to come donate for the first time.

"Even just this small opportunity that I have to make a change, or to help those in need, I'll do it, 100 percent, I'll do it every time," Sursa said.

And the impact is remarkable.

When someone donates a pint of blood and fills up a bag, they can save up to three lives.

The Red Cross announced an emergency blood shortage in July.

It still needs blood and platelet donors to help ensure hospital needs are met.

The Red Cross said it is the blood already on the shelves that helps during an emergency.

"Whenever I hear that the Red Cross needs blood, I try to donate as much as I can, as often as I can," blood donor William Horn said.

Those who came out Saturday, left with a shirt saying #ElPasoStrong, and feeling the strength of the community.

"After they come out of their grief, something else will be…somebody will start a foundation, somebody will do something, and the results of this tragedy will have some ultimate long-term good,” Keen added. 

You don't need to attend a blood drive to donate.

Click here for more information on donating blood through the Red Cross.

As an incentive, Red Cross said they will give a $5 Amazon gift card to those who donate by August 29.