Billy Bob's reviews security measures after California bar shooting

The deadly shooting in California has many local bars and club operators taking a closer look at their own security measures.

At Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth, security measures may be more extensive than in smaller venues. But the goal is still to keep people inside safe and anyone out who would wish them harm.

“There’s no doors that are free where you can roam right in,” said Billy Bob’s Club Manager Josh Clark. “Every door is monitored. Several doors west and east and have security guys on each side.”

The mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, has everyone reviewing their security measures. They do every time it happens.

“This especially hits home because of the country music,” said Pam Minick with Billy Bob’s. “And it’s kids who were innocent and going places.”

Managers and employees are meeting over security protocols. Thousands of people come through the doors each week to see one of the most famous country and western venues in the world.

13 dead, including gunman and sheriff's sergeant, in mass shooting at Thousand Oaks bar

Billy Bob’s managers go through active shooter training that includes exit strategies for emergencies. They help other venues when they can.

“One of our managers conducted a seminar for other venues on active shooter training,” Minick said.

There are many smaller venues around Billy Bob’s with different levels of security. They’re not all bars or entertainment venues.

“The people who operate these venues, whether entertainment venues or a church or a school, you never expect such a tragedy,” Minick said.

It was college night at the Borderline Bar in California when the gunman attacked. Thursday night at Billy Bob's is also college night and line dancing lessons night.

"I don't know what any of us would do. There's nothing besides hitting the floor,” said Billy Bob’s Patron Nathan White. “We could hope and pray, but there's nothing that really any of us could do to stop that."

Nathan White wishes he could carry his gun into Billy Bob's, but you can't bring a gun into a bar in Texas.

California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

But Lida Rosle thinks inadequate gun laws and lack of mental health care are the problems.

"I think a lot of people are worried about going to the movies, going to a place like this. And it crosses your mind, I find,” she said.

"Sometimes you need a wakeup call to make sure your protocol is the best that it can be to keep everybody safe, and we hope ours is,” Minick said.

Billy Bob’s managers said that this kind of preparedness is top of mind for every entertainment venue in the country.