Bikes for Tykes preparing for 3rd year of collecting for children

The roads of Rockwall County will be packed with bikers and bears on Sunday, September 23rd.

It’s the third annual Bikes for Tykes ride, with America’s Guardians Motorcycle Club leading the way. The group is made up of military veterans, law enforcement, firefighters and other first responders. They’re collecting teddy bears for the Children’s Advocacy Center for Rockwall County.

Helping organize the event, Rockwall County D.A. Kenda Culpepper and president of the Rockwall Chapter of America’s Guardians motorcycle club, Michael Meek.

The event is all about raising awareness and donations for children. 

"When children are abused, they come to the Advocacy Center and we can get medical services coordinated, we get them into a forensic interview and we get them into the counseling they need because we all know that as a prosecutor it's my job to prosecute those people who hurt those children. But those children are still broken and we want to get them into counseling as soon as possible," said Culpepper. 

America’s Guardians Motorcycle Club helps in that healing.

“We represent those that can't take care of themselves. And if you've ever seen a child that's been neglected or abused and they get that one teddy bear, that one stuffed animal, and they get that smile on their face, I mean, it just melts your heart. And that's what we're about. We're about giving back to the community and this is the best way that we can do that. If we can give back and take care of neglected child and get them going to a safe place, which is the Children’s Advocacy Center, that's something that we want to do continually,” said Meek.

The event is held at the Rockwall County Courthouse. There will also be family events and a silent auction.