Battle over proposed bridge in Benbrook neighborhood

Leaders in the Fort Worth suburb of Benbrook are facing a fight as they try to build a bridge across the Trinity River.

Signs have gone up all over one subdivision from neighbors opposed to the project, with homeowners saying it will lead to increased traffic in their neighborhood. The city says the project will speed up response times for emergency responders.

The "No Bridge No Way" signs are in every yard on some blocks of Bellaire Drive that runs through Benbrook and Fort Worth.

"This a quiet residential neighborhood and we want to keep it that way,” said resident Carol Guarnieri.

The bridge the Benbrook wants to build would be gated and only wide enough for emergency vehicles.

Some opponents have been negotiating an agreement that would bind Benbrook on one side and Fort Worth on the other to never open the bridge to public access.

"If they can keep it with just an emergency access bridge, there should not be any more traffic on Bellaire Drive. That has been the concern of neighbors,” said resident P.J. Scherer.

But hardline skeptics point to public comments by some city officials that once the bridge is built, opponents will soften their view -- perhaps paving the way for public access down the road.

“There are others of us, we believe what the signs says – “No Bridge No Way,” said Guarnieri, adding that some are considering litigation to halt the project.

Mayor Jerry Dittrich says it could still be a year or two before the bridge is built.