Balch Springs fire victims get helping hand from local organizations

Forty people who lost everything in Monday's $6 million fire in Balch Springs got a helping hand.

Non-profit Trusted World Foundation is giving more than $14,000 in clothes, toiletries and more to help with the basics of starting life over. 

Alma Soto and her five family members lost everything in Monday’s Balch Springs fire.

It began as a grass fire spreading quickly. In all, 26 homes were impacted and nine were destroyed.

"It feels really, really good," said ninth-grader Rafael Soto. "I'm really thankful for all the things that we've gotten. Very thankful.

The Sotos take their new belongings back to their hotel home for now at Mesquite’s Hampton Inn.

"What we're providing are the requested items from our partner, the American Red Cross," said James Rose with the Trusted World Foundation.

Balch Springs grass fire spreads to 26 nearby homes

Trusted World Foundation partners with 300 schools, 24 law enforcement agencies and the American Red Cross.

"They do the counseling and casework. They provide the sizes, and we put all that together and bring it out to the folks in need," Rose said. 

Wanda Ware and her family also suffered a total loss to their Balch Springs home.

husband Eric had a kidney removed six days before the fire. Son Jacoby was asleep as the fire lapped at their fence line.

"I did have to go and beat on the window to get him out. I had to scream through the window, ‘Jacoby, get up! It’s a fire. Get up," she said.

Jacoby got up and got out, but Wanda had to go back for family dogs Bella and Lola.

"But before I stepped in there, I just said a prayer. ‘Lord, please let me come back out.’" She said. "And now we can have a change of clothing and things like that. This is great. Thank you to all that provided this for us."