Baby okay after being left in hot car in Pantego

A baby survived being left in a hot car outside a southeast Tarrant County gym on Wednesday.

Police in Pantego said the father realized what he’d done and had already taken his 6-month-old daughter from the car when they arrived.

The dad works at the TexasFitt gym and was supposed to be caring for the baby while his wife worked out. When she returned to check on the little girl, they realized she was still in the car.

The father told officers she had been in the car for about a half an hour.

"The baby appeared to be very red faced was alert and wasn't crying," said Pantego PD Chief Thomas Griffith. "We were told when the baby was found in the vehicle baby was crying."

Police said the baby had a slightly elevated core temperature, but was alert and responding to paramedics. The girl was checked out at a hospital and released.