AT&T Stadium apologizes to family with a 1st class experience

The parents who were probably proudest at the Dallas Cowboys game Sunday did not have an athlete on the field, but instead a 5-year-old with cerebral palsy.

Codi and Michael Walters could not be more proud of their daughter Makie, which is why they were devastated three weeks ago over the way they were treated after traveling to AT&T Stadium from their small town of Coleman, Texas, for their son's pee-wee football game.

Michael posted a video to Facebook, saying stadium staff caused a scene, mistaking Makie's wheelchair for a stroller, and telling them repeatedly that they couldn't bring it in.

"Finally we had to yell, she can't walk she's handicapped." he says in the video.

Once inside the stadium, Michael says staff made a big deal about which elevator they could use, and made Makie sit high up on the second level, away from the rest of her family, the crowd and the game.
The Walters say they were embarrassed and sad for Makie.

"You just try to treat them like they're any other kid...when we look at her, we don't even see the wheelchair." Said Michael

It didn't take long for the Facebook video to catch the attention of stadium staff, and a representative gave Michael a call.

"He told me he was proud of me for standing up for my daughter and everything. That they wanted to make it right and apologize." said Michael.

At the game against Seattle, all three of them got free front row seats near the 50 yard line, got to go on the field and got swag, like Cowboys boots.

"Just enjoying every minute of it. She loves the sound. She loves the noise." said Codi Walters.

The Walters count themselves blessed and thankful to AT&T Stadium for righting a wrong.

"It's just great to see that she's part of everybody. That nobody is treating her no different than any other person. That's what matters the most.” said Michael.