Asst. fire chief helps officer subdue suspect

The Prosper Assistant Fire Chief is getting high marks from the Plano Police Department for rescuing one of its officers.

Assistant Fire Chief Stuart Blasingame was off duty on Saturday, celebrating his birthday with his wife.

They were sitting on the patio of a Frisco restaurant when Blasingame saw 20-year-old Alejandro Faber, Jr. running from a Plano officer.

It was almost a two-mile foot chase from a Plano Walmart, where Faber was suspected of robbery.

Blasingame says he kicked off his flip-flops and ran barefoot across the parking to help the officer.

Faber put up a fight after he was tackled by the officer, and Blasingame held the suspect until he was handcuffed.

“You always hear about firefighters being a brotherhood, but our brothers in blue are just as important,” said Blasingame.

Plano police say Faber has been charged with robbery, evading arrest and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Blasingame says Faber dropped brass knuckles near his table while he was trying to get away.