Arrests made after numerous threats at multiple North Texas schools

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Several North Texas school districts have been disrupted by threats in the past few days in wake of the Florida school shooting.

There were two separate threats on Friday at Keller ISD’s Fossil Hill Middle School. In the first incident, two students were overheard allegedly making threats to “shoot up" the school.” Administrators say the students named a teacher they planned to shoot. They also said they would detonate bombs in the school restrooms from home. It resulted in two students being arrested.

In the second threat at Fossil Hill on the same day, a different student reported hearing a classmate talk about plans to blow up the school. After a search, they found a look-alike bomb in the student's back. Even though it was not capable of igniting, the student was arrested.

In Dallas County, sheriff's deputies took quick action Friday morning to investigate a social media threat at Sunnyvale High School that they determined to be bogus.

Sunnyvale ISD Superintendent Doug Williams said a student told the high school principal about a social media post that said, “SHS is next.” He decided to place a lockdown at the high school.

Investigators conducted a full sweep of Sunnyvale ISD’s three campuses but found there was nothing credible about the post. No suspects were identified.

Threats against “SHS” have been making their rounds on social media this week. Schools with those initials in all parts of the country have been placed on lockdown.

Police in Stephenville investigated a similar threat believed to be against Stephenville High School on Thursday.

“The threat came from a Facebook post that was made in Ohio that has gone viral making its way to local Snapchat and Facebook accounts,” said the Stephenville Police Department. “The threat was made under the username Ray Andres and referenced bringing a gun to SHS. A 17-year-old girl has been arrested in this case.”

In Collin County, one Princeton High School student was arrested on Thursday after allegedly making a ‘hit list.’ 17-year-old Tyler Henrichs was charged with making a terroristic threat. Police say he joked about having a hit list, but Princeton ISD says it determined there was no actual threat.