Arrest made in Fort Worth donation box arson

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The man accused of setting a fire to a charity collection's bin in Fort Worth is in custody.

Fire crews responded to the fire at the Northside Inter Community Agency on the 1600 block of Circle Park Blvd on August 4 after the the charity’s donation bin was set on fire.

After investigators released surveillance video of a man going through the donation bin with a young child before the fire started, tips from the public lead them to an arrest.

Investigators identified the man in the video as Neffy Acosta. He is charged with arson.

Connie Nahoolewa, head of Northside Inter Community Agency, said she had a sickening feeling when she found out.

"Maybe the first day I wanted to skin him alive, but I do believe in forgiveness,” said Nahoolewa. “I feel that if there is some way he can recognize what he has done and somehow change himself to be a better person, I would hope."