Arlington woman badly burned in fireworks accident

An Arlington woman is recovering from horrific burns after a stray firework exploded on her lap. 

The firework hit Mariana Baldridge on the Fourth of July at a Johnson County pop stand -- a one-stop shop where people can buy and set off fireworks in a field. 

Friends say Baldridge was sitting on the ground watching fireworks when she was hit. 

She suffered second and third degree burns on her stomach and legs. 

“It caught her pants on fire,” said friend Jake Baldwin. “Half of her pants were missing because of the flame. She had a huge hole in her leg; multiple holes in her legs and stomach.”

Baldwin says it may be weeks before Baldridge can return to work at World of Beer in Arlington, where she’s a server. 

Co-workers are now raising money to help pay for her medical expenses. Click here to visit the fundraising page for her.