Arlington teen's custom wheelchair is found

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An Arlington teen with cerebral palsy now has his wheelchair, after it was stolen earlier in the week.

A man took it from in front of Garcia's home on Monday afternoon when the family left to run a quick errand.  After seeing reports of a stolen wheelchair on the news, he returned it. The family of 17-year-old Eduardo Garcia said they will not pursue charges, as the man was very apologetic.

The chair is made to Garcia’s height and specifications, with foot rests and built-in cushions to support his back and keep his hips in a comfortable position.

“Uncomfortable. He feels really uncomfortable that, he knows he's not like sitting on the right positions and stuff, and he knows that's not his wheelchair,” said Garcia’s mom, Norma Morales before the chair was found.

In addition to cerebral palsy, Garcia also has scoliosis which made it difficult to get around in the borrowed wheelchair he was forced to use.

When we spoke to Morales before the chair was turned in she said “You feel very violated as a mother. I mean, come home and thinking your son’s wheelchair is going to be there because it's been there before. I would never even think that somebody would dare take his wheelchair. That just never crossed my mind.”