Arlington mayor Cluck loses, Dallas mayor Rawlings cruises to re-election

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings cruised to reelection on Saturday but Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck lost by double digits to a challenger.

Challenger Jeff Williams had a 17 point lead over Cluck for most of the evening, a daunting lead for the incumbent to overcome in election day returns.

Low turnout was expected in most of the elections, according to county elections officials.

Rawlings had about a 50 point lead over challenger Marcos Ronquillo most of the night. Ronquillo had a quiet campaign and most notably said he was against the toll road that Rawlings supports.

Cluck's challenger, Williams, tried to latch on to another measure on the ballot in Arlington – banning red light cameras in the city. Williams believed the cameras should be gone. Cluck has said he would do whatever voters choose, but he believed they made streets safer.

The red light camera ban passed Saturday with a double digit margin of approval by Arlington voters. A group of citizens gathered enough signatures earlier this year to force a vote on the cameras in May's election.

Multiple Dallas City Council races will head to a runoff with a second set of elections in June. The outcomes of those district races will determine the fate of the controversial Trinity River Toll Road. The council has the ability to kill the road if enough anti-toll road candidates win.