Arlington High students linked to Martin High vandalism

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Arlington police have arrested several high schools students accused of vandalizing a rival school.

On Wednesday, police discovered graffiti all over the walls of Martin High School. They found vulgar images and phrases like “trans only” on a locker room door and “whites only” near a water fountain.

Investigators quickly determined the suspects are five students at Arlington High School. They were identified as: Cameron Bodenstab, 18, Christian Joeckel, 17, Hayden Honolka, 17, Ethan Sigmond, 18, and Ryan Westbrook, 17.

Police documents reveal Bodenstab drove the group to a nearby neighborhood, and they walked to the campus.

The arrest warrant affidavit states, “Joeckel admitted that he was picked up by a friend and driven to the offense location... Joeckel stated that all paint was already at the offense location. Joeckel admitted he also wrote "trans only" on a bathroom door and he wrote "whites only" above a water fountain."

"This was such a large scale of graffiti," said Chris Cook with the Arlington Police Department. "We would've jumped on this regardless, But anytime you have hateful messages, that's real concerning to us. What is there motivation?"

They will be charged with graffiti on school property, a state jail felony.

Arlington ISD also said it does not tolerate vandalism and hate speech and say the students will be disciplined.