Arlington high schooler dies kayaking in creek

An Arlington Lamar High School student died after kayaking in a creek on Wednesday evening.

John Cookson, 17, died after his kayak flipped over in Village Creek, near the intersection of Findlay Drive and San Paulo Court in Arlington.

Fire officials responded about 5:40 p.m. on Wednesday and one of Cookson's friends took him down to the creek where another teen was holding an unconscious Cookson.

First responders took Cookson from the water where he was taken to a nearby hospital and died.

Cookson was listed as a member of the Lamar HS tennis team.

Friends took to Twitter on Thursday and used the hashtag #RIPJohnCookson and #RIPJohn to tweet memories of the high school junior.

The Texas Rangers tweeted out their condolences to Cookson's friends and family. Cookson was an employee at Globe Life Park in Arlington.