Arlington, Fort Worth police increase safety rules for officers

The recent ambush murders of police officers have prompted departments across the country to increase safety for their officers.

Arlington is the latest police department to start putting two officers in patrol cars since the police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

"With all the recent events, the only thing it's made me do is be safer – protect myself as much as I can and take precautions,” said Arlington officer John Trubia. “If you have the option to ride with another officer with backup an arm’s reach away, go ahead and take it."

Another Arlington officer said improving the relationship between citizens and police is crucial to preventing future attacks on police.

“The biggest way to combat that a tragedy like that is to get out here and interact with as many people as you possibly can,” said officer Joe Kline.

Fort Worth police switched to putting two officers in every patrol car the day after the shootings in Dallas. Sunday, they issued a statement that “Under no circumstances will a single officer respond to any call or make any location by his or herself. This is not optional and is a mandate that includes patrol supervisors, detectives and any officer in plain clothes assignments."

One Fort Worth officer said it’s a new reality for police.

“We signed up to handle situations that only police are trained to do,” said Fort Worth police Sgt. Marc Provero. “This is a new dynamic."

All officers in uniform in Arlington are required to wear body armor and Fort Worth officers will soon be required to do the same.

Arlington police is increasing security at all police stations. The department said it is not a show of force, but another safety measure for officers.