Arlington city, community leaders meet in wake of Christian Taylor shooting

Arlington city leaders met with the community Wednesday night to begin the healing process after the fatal shooting of Christian Taylor.

It was a packed house at event, held at Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Arlington's police chief, mayor and others all attended.

There were several questions brought up about trust between the public and the police department..
Both Police Chief Will Johnson and the mayor were seated on stage while members of the audience stepped up to microphones to ask questions. 

Many of the questions referenced the shooting death of 19-year-old Taylor by Officer Brad Miller.

One person asked about the investigative process and another asked about the morale of Arlington officers right now.

One young woman who asked a question said she was a classmate of Taylor’s. She had tears in her eyes as she talked about the grieving process.

Then there was the question about how we solve the problem of young African-Americans being afraid of police officers. 

During one of the answers, Chief Johnson did day he has already had a conversation with District Attorney Sharon Wilson about this case, and Johnson told the audience she knows how important this case is.