April Fools' Day 2021 pranks: Cauliflower Peeps, Velveeta skincare, Ikea dog couture

Companies in recent years have put a lot of thought and effort into April Fools’ Day, a time served for hoaxes and practical jokes on the first of the month. But last year, many decided to sit the annual custom out due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Some brands have opted back into the day of trickery in 2021. Here’s a roundup of some of the best shenanigans:

Bud Light Seltzer pizza flavor variety pack

The hard seltzer craze in the U.S. reached new heights with Bud Light Seltzer introducing a new April Fools’ Day product: a pizza variety pack featuring different flavors like pepperoni, extra cheese, anchovy and veggie.

Canadian Space Agency finds all the missing socks

The Canadian Space Agency announced an incredible discovery by NASA’s Perseverance on Mars this April Fools’ Day, thanks to a little Photoshop job.

"While travelling on the surface of Mars, the Perseverance rover found the place where all the missing socks from the dryer end up," the agency wrote on Twitter.

Duolingo toilet paper roll

Duolingo, a popular language-learning app, wants to turn your bathroom into a classroom. The company announced a new three-ply Duolingo Roll to help people keep up with their studies, saying the average person spends up to 14 minutes a day on the toilet. It even created a website with reviews like, "My husband hasn’t left the bathroom in over 4 hours."

Ikea haute couture for dogs

Ikea introduced a range of haute couture outfits for dogs, called "Hund Couture," which is the Swedish word for dog. The company shared a video of the new line on April Fools’ Day, calling it a "sleek, sophisticated Swedish design" for your stylish pup.

Lego SmartBricks

Lego is very aware of how painful it is when parents accidentally step on their kids’ loose plastic bricks scattered across the floor. The toy company announced on April Fools’ Day that "SmartBricks" are coming soon, which automatically scatter away from feet as a person walks across the room.

Peeps cauliflower-flavor marshmallow

Easter Peeps basket 16x9

Green Giant and PEEPS partnered up to introduce limited-edition cauliflower flavored marshmallow bunnies, beginning on April Fools’ Day. (Photo credit: Peeps / Green Giant)

Peeps said it wanted to get in on the cauliflower trend, being used in everything from pizza crusts to rice and more. The company announced it teamed up with Green Giant to create a cauliflower-flavored marshmallow ahead of Easter — which will be available beginning on April Fools’ Day.

V by Velveeta skincare

Velveeta cheese dropped a tongue-in-cheek new skincare line that bottles its creaminess into a luxurious daily moisturizer, renewal serum and nourishing night cream. Called V by Velveeta, this line of liquid gold will surely uncover radiant, golden glows.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.