Apartment drug lab explodes with child inside, 2 arrested

Two women were arrested during the weekend after an explosion at an Arlington apartment complex.

No one was hurt but police did seize 21 lbs. of methamphetamine. The explosion occurred Friday night just after 11 p.m. at the Plantation Apartments near AT&T Stadium.

Neighbors reported hearing a loud boom, almost like a bomb going off. They say the explosion blew out multiple windows and emergency crews evacuated them from their units for a few hours.
Arlington Police arrested 39-year-old Nancy Cruz-Rodriguez and 18-year-old Odalys Corrales for the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance. Corrales was also arrested for child endangerment after police reported a child was inside the apartment at the time.

“I was in my apartment, we were watching a movie and the whole apartment just shook and I went outside to look and see what was wrong and I didn't see nothing outside or anything like that until I heard all the ambulance and police officers came,” said resident Alfonzo Martinez.

Police are withholding the women’s mugshots because the case may go to federal authorities. Officers also seized cash and a car during the investigation. Police say they are in contact with Child Protective Services regarding the child that was found inside the apartment.